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Willliam Pfaff

My old Notre Dame fellow English major and friend, Bill Pfaff, died Thursday. I hope you have appreciated his work (I have passed on) as I have. Bill Slavick

William Pfaff, Critic of American Foreign Policy, Dies at 86

PARIS — William Pfaff, an international affairs columnist and author who was a prominent critic of American foreign policy, finding Washington’s intervention in world affairs often misguided, died on Thursday in a hospital here. He was 86.


The Yanks have landed in Ukraine, 300 of them. This can only increase tensions.
By M. K. Bhadrakumar

The deployment of 300 U.S. paratroopers in Ukraine, alongside contingents from the UK and Canada, can only be seen as the beginning of so-called "mission creep." The mission claims to aim at training Ukrainian national guards, but then, such missions invariably lead to deeper military engagements. In this case, the commencement of American weapon supplies to Ukraine now seems inevitable once the Ukrainian soldiers have been trained to use them.

Summit of the Americas and A message on Cuba from Global Exchange

As leaders from across the continent meet in Panama City for the Summit of the Americas this weekend, it is clear that the momentum for change in the region is increasing.

It is not just that Cuba is attending for the first time. At this Summit, President Obama is moving the ball on normalization of relations by indicating he will finally take Cuba off the list of so-called “state sponsors of terrorism." But beneath the smiles and handshakes lies a reality of a new assertive independence in Latin America that reverses decades of unilateral U.S. control.

Where Do These Warships Go?

Guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham launched from Bath, Maine in 2009 is currently on its provocative mission into the Black Sea.

The US Navy guided-missile destroyer Jason Dunham entered the Black Sea on Friday in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, the US 6th Fleet has announced.
Some 750 US Army tanks and thousands of its troops were deployed to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for Atlantic Resolve activities, in a move described as a means "to deter Russian aggression."

Behind the White House's Sanctions Against Venezuela

By Mark Weisbrot This article was published US News & World Report on March 18, 2015. Since the Obama administration decided last week to impose new sanctions on Venezuela, many people, including journalists, have inquired as to what motivated them to do this. Some are curious as to the apparent incongruity between this move and the White House decision in December to begin the process of normalizing relations with Cuba. Others are wondering why the administration would do something that so obviously hurts the opposition in Venezuela, at least in the short run.

Are You Trying to Understand the Ukraine situation?

Breedlove's Bellicosity, Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine (Breedlove is NATO top commander in Europe....what is going on?)
March 6, 2015, By SPIEGEL Staff

US President Obama supports Chancellor Merkel's efforts at finding a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis. But hawks in Washington seem determined to torpedo Berlin's approach. And NATO's top commander in Europe hasn't been helping either.

War is always a crime

BY MARY BETH SULLIVAN -- March 3, 2015

I was struck to see David Brooks wax so eloquently about “the moral injury” — his recent description of post- traumatic stress disorder specific to “those who’ve endured the depraved world of combat experience.” It is an article well worth reading, if we are to understand the plight of combat veterans.

Significant Perspective on Ukraine

Putin’s push into Ukraine is rational
The Boston Globe – Opinion February 25, 2015
By Stephen Kinzer

Letter about AUMF from Rep. Alan Grayson

Congress has its chance to discuss what military authority it will give to the President. How does some of that look?
Let us advocate that they not pass ANY AUMF, and that they repeal previous AUMF.

It is well beyond time to fight wars when the objectives are unknown

Payable in Dollars, and in Lives.

Anticipated Fast Track bill for a Trade Deal that is not about Trade - TPP

From Public Citizen (and others) …in Washington, D.C., a bill for Fast Track — the legislative scheme to railroad the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress — could be introduced any day.

Across the country, activists have been working for months to make sure that our representatives are ready to say “no” to Fast Track. And now the moment of truth is almost here.
Do you know how your members of Congress will vote on Fast Track?

Email your members of Congress now to urge them to vote “no” on Fast Track.


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