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no Keystone pipeline

“We DO Have the Power:
Local Organizing against
Corporate/Industrial Projects”

February 14, 2015, U/Maine Augusta,
9 am-4 pm (snow date: Feb.21)
How local groups can organize
to prevent corporate or industrial projects
that are harmful to their communities.
Cost on a sliding scale basis ($0-20).
For more information: Larry Dansinger, ROSC, (207) 525-7776 or rosc@psouth.net

Annual Changing Maine Gathering

Understanding The Middle East With Vijay Prashad

By Fred Pfeiffer from the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District (NY)

At the James Connolly Forum December 12, 2014, featuring Vijay Prashad, who started the presentation by posing the question: What is wrong with Islam? Vijay then laid out the reality we have needed to understand for the reasons the Middle East has been so unstable. And he basically said the reason is us, the U.S.

Trickle-Down Was Nothing More Than the Politics of Helping the Rich and Powerful Get Richer and More Powerful

By Elizabeth Warren, Reader Supported News -- 21 January 15

Today, United States Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at the AFL-CIO National Summit on Raising Wages. The text of Senator Warren's remarks as prepared for delivery follows, and a PDF copy of her remarks is available here:

Good morning, and thank you MaryBe for the introduction, and for your work with the North Carolina AFL-CIO. Your efforts make a real difference for our families.

U.S. Wars Continue in New Year

---Thoughtful, informed commentary reporting on U.S. military engagements by Jack. A. Smith, Editor
from Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, January 4, 2015, Issue 212

to go directlyand also get pictures: activistnewsletter.blogspot.com

Militarily, the U.S. is entering 2015 with its hands full.

Cuba -- words -- deep words

Cuba … at long, long last … maybe …
Hopefully, it’s what it appears to be. Cuba will now be treated by the United States as a country worthy of at least as much respect as Washington offers to its highly oppressive, murdering, torturing allies in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Honduras, Israel, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

It’s a tough decision to normalize relations with a country whose police force murders its own innocent civilians on almost a daily basis, and even more abroad, but Cuba needs to do it. Maybe the Cubans can civilize the Americans a bit.

The CIA's interrogation program

[These could be added to the reports, but are perhaps already there.]

Why should US destroy someone's property in S.Korea for a naval base to "contain" China?

Living the Eucharist: resisting the destruction of Jeju Island Reflection

Drug Wars Are Good Business

Book Release Speaking Tour with Author

"Drug War Capitalism"
By Dawn Paley (dawnpaley@gmail.com)
• More info / To order: http://www.akpress.org/drug-war-capitalism.html
Drug Wars Are Good Business

There is no military solution

IPS Fellow Phyllis Bennis Condemns Escalating War in Syria and Iraq
More troops are not going to solve the problem. It will mean more violence for Iraqis and Syrians, and they will not make us any safer here at home

President Obama chose the tenth anniversary of the first US battle of Fallujah to announce he is almost doubling the US military deployment in Iraq, sending another 1,500 US soldiers back to the war, some of them right back to Fallujah’s Anbar province.

Syrian wars of proxy

[supposing this perspective is most correct: then what objective would there be for US to align with any? or against Assad? The US should seek its useful role outside of the military.]

By As'ad AbuKhalil - Mon, 2014-09-22 ANGRY CORNER

Backsliding on Nuclear Promises

New York Times – September 23, 2014

(published on-line Sept. 22, 2014; in print edition on Sept 23)


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