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Did you know that the U.S. military has 29 military bases in 15 countries across Africa? The U.S. military established AFRICOM in 2008, despite the majority of African nations rejecting it. Under a false guise of providing security, the U.S. uses its military force to impose control of African land, resources, and labor to serve the needs of U.S. multi-national corporations.
On December 4 at 2:00pm Eastern Time (GMT-5), we'll be co-hosting a webinar on AFRICOM and Human Rights in Africa, featuring first-hand reports about AFRICOM's impact.What: Free Webinar: AFRICOM & Human Rights in Africa
When: Friday, December 4 at 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET / 7:00PM Nigeria Time
How to join: Register here for the Zoom info
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Joy Onyesoh, the President of WILPF International, will speak about Nigeria; Sylvie Ndongmo, the Africa Region representative of WILPF, will speak about Cameroon; Marie-Claire Faray, currently living in the UK, will speak about the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Christine Odera, Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassador Network - Kenya Country Coordinator (CYPAN), will speak about Kenya; writer and author Margaret Kimberley, representing the Black Alliance for Peace, will explain their initiative: Out of Africa: Shut Down AFRICOM; and investigative journalist Amanda Sperber will report on Somalia.

Currently, there is very little discussion or reporting on the U.S. military's presence in Africa and its detrimental impact. We need to shine a light on the alarming militarization of Africa and what we can do to reverse it. On December 4, join us for what will be an eye-opening, fact-filled webinar about what the U.S. military is really doing in Africa.