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Thank you for helping make our fall gathering a success!
Lest we forget... Professor Neta Crawford, reminds us what the Costs of War are:  $6.4 Trillion tax dollars 800,000 lives, and 1.2 Billion Metric Tons of Green House Gases .
Fall Gathering 2019 Saturday Oct 26
: Climate Change, The Pentagon, and War.
Who: Neta Crawford, Professor and Chair of Political Science, Boston University, Project Director: Costs of War. Author of  Pentagon Fuel Use, Climate Change, and War.
When: Saturday Oct 26, 2019. 6:30 p.m. 
Where: Friends Meeting, 1837 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103 6:30 p.m. (Potluck 5:30)
Peace Action Maine hosts this event, co-sponsored by 350Maine, PeaceWorksME, Maine Natural Guard, and  Maine Veterans for Peace
5:30 Potluck (lower floor kitchen and cafeteria)
Maine Social Aid and Sanctuary Band
6:10 Introductions, Awards and Recognition 6:30 Talk followed by Q & A. 7:30  Group photo and Close 

      Author of several books and papers, Professor Crawford is an International Relation Theorist and scholar of the causes of war.  She notes that the Pentagon cares about the vulnerability of its bases to Climate impacts and that sites are already experiencing Climate related vulnerabilities."What they're not talking about is the fact that their own greenhouse gas emissions make these outcomes much more likely. The military is not looking at their own role in the Climate Crisis. I thought we should look at it for them.."
   She has already written about the massive loss of life, of civilian deaths and injuries, and of the US Budgetary Costs of the Post-9/11 Wars Through FY2019:$5.9 Trillion. On Accountability's dedication page she writes: " I write with the hope and determination that you may live in a less violent world." Professor Crawford argues that the public has a role to play in questions of war and peace, and that this role includes moral responsibility. American military action has inflicted massive harm on civilians. The public is obliged to understand how the American military exacerbates global warming. What role can each of us play in mitigating this global harm? (Her recent talk delivered on 9/11 2019 about Climate and War can be viewed here.) "Show up for each others' rallys and actions."