Lessons of Afghanistan
What lessons should the United States learn from its debacle in Afghanistan? Cole Harrison suggested seven of them in an August 18 article. End our military involvement; engage with the Taliban and pay reparations; support regional diplomacy; clean house in Washington; end other U.S. military interventions; repeal and reform war authorizations; cut the Pentagon budget.
In a two-part series of webinars next week, we present six deeply knowledgeable speakers who will give their response to these themes and their suggested lessons. 

Part 1 - Monday, Aug 30, 7pm EDT
Erik Edstrom, Afghanistan War veteran and author; Valentine Moghadam, Iranian-born scholar of Middle East social movements and feminism; Fahima Gaheez, executive director, Afghan Women's Fund.  Moderated by David Borris of Chicago Area Peace Action.Register to attend.


Part 2 - Thursday, Sept 2, 7pm EDT
Kathy Kelly
, nonviolent activist who has visited Afghanistan 15 times since 2010; Phyllis Bennis, Middle East politics specialist with the Institute for Policy Studies; Chris Velazquez, Afghanistan War veteran and digital director, Veterans for Peace.  Moderated by Will Hopkins, New Hampshire Peace Action.Register to attend.

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