Herndon, USA - August 30, 2020: General Dynamics corporation corporate headquarters office entrance with sign in Northern Virginia

What an eye-opening program: the recorded program is HERE from Monday Sept. 6.
Christian's Maine-Specific slides from his talk are located HERE.
Christian Sorensen shared his research with us about General Dynamics and the US war industry here in Maine. His written answers to our questions are HERE.
Christian Sorensen is a researcher and author focused on the U.S. war industry. his academic background is in translation and international relations. A military veteran, he contributes frequently to independent media outlets.
Christian's website: WarIndustryMuster.com  and purchase a copy of his book here:  Christian's book, Understanding the War Industry,

(See where General Dynamics is involved in nuclear weapons production.  Smilin’Trees has  a  way of explaining why the destroyers are a crime against humanity, nuclear capable or not.)