This year, as part of our commemoration of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, From Hiroshima to Fukushima, and during the Tokyo 2020
 Olympic Games, we  screen a documentary that explores the Legacy of the Nuclear Industry.
Answering Gensuikin's call for
#PeaceWave 2021, the screening is available Aug. 2 - Aug 9. PAM sponsors your "free ticket". FMI & registration here:
The Atom WEB A Love Affair title artwork copy FMI and trailer:

A sweeping story of technological obsession, political imperatives and powerful, conflicting passions, 'The Atom: A Love Affair' is an ambitious international feature documentary spanning more than 7 decades and 5 different countries, exploring the West's rollercoaster love-hate relationship with nuclear power since the end of World War 2. It's a dramatic tale of belief, betrayal, intrigue and hope, told by the scientists, engineers, politicians and campaigners who experienced it first hand.

Directed by Vicki Lesley and narrated by Lily Cole, this important feature documentary explores the history of arguably the most controversial energy source of the 20th century.

Director, Vicki Lesley explained: “Made over a decade and filmed across four countries, this film has been an epic undertaking delving into the history of arguably the most controversial energy source of the 20th century. The end result, I believe, has something important, and timely, to say about our relationship with large-scale technologies - who owns them, who gets to make decisions about them and where the balance lies between governments, big business and the public. But it was also really important to me to explore the human dimensions of this polarising subject. I’ve gone on a real journey myself, getting into the minds of people with very different viewpoints than my own and trying to understand how and why different people react so differently to nuclear power by understanding their own very personal experiences of it, something I hope I’ve managed to do with a degree of empathy, nuance- and a little warm humour.”

“a breathless ride through our atomic love affair... whatever your opinion of nuclear power, The Atom is worth watching, both as a history lesson and to test your own beliefs.” - Climate News Network
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