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Nearly two months into the Biden administration, the fate of the Iran deal remains uncertain. Rather than abide by his campaign promise to return the U.S. to the Iran nuclear deal, the Biden team has done nothing to reverse Trump’s failed “maximum pressure” policy that imposed crushing sanctions on a nation of 83 million people amidst a global pandemic. The longer Iran and the U.S. remain in a political deadlock, the greater the risk of escalating tensions in the Middle East, of bringing Iran closer to having nuclear weapons capability, and of irreparably harming the road to diplomacy. Here's where to find those LINKS.
Wednesday, March 31st: Tune in the expert panel “The Iran Nuclear Deal or No Deal”
Thursday, April 1st: Congress needs to hear from you! Call your representatives and senators to ask them to push the Biden administration to a swift and decisive return to the JCPOA.
Friday, April 2nd: If you haven’t signed our petition yet, make sure to do it now! If you have, help spread the word by  sharing the petition on Facebook and Twitter!
Step 1: Dial 844-228-6422 to connect with the Capitol Switchboard and ask the operator to connect you Senators Collins and King, and Representatives Pingree and Golden.Step 2: When you connect with the office, whether it's with a person or the voicemail, make sure to say your name and that you are a constituent and share your concern about the Iran nuclear deal. Here's a sample script:"My name is [your name] I am a constituent from [your town] calling to ask [legislator] to support President Biden in returning the U.S. and Iran into the nuclear deal with Iran. After years of punishing sanctions and escalating tensions that risked war, the U.S. has a limited window to return to the successful and historic nuclear agreement. President Biden must restore the deal as a first step to end Trump's damaging policies.

Can I count on [legislator] to urge President Biden to fulfill his commitment to rejoin the nuclear deal with Iran as a starting point for broader diplomacy?"