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You can review Colonel Wilkerson's talk and call to action recorded by the Portland Media Center. as well as Channel 13's coverage.
Member Pat Taub interviewed Colonel Wilkerson at the Portland Media Center Studio and that link is available. It officially launches May 15 on PMC.
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Colonel Wilkerson voiced blunt concerns about John Bolton. Indeed, the administration’s steps toward war with Iran are unmistakable. From Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the Iran agreement in spite of Iran’s verifiable compliance, to the reimposition of the full suite of U.S. sanctions lifted under the agreement aimed at crippling Iran’s economy, to John Bolton asking the Pentagon for strike options against Iran, the administration isn't exactly beating around the bush.

The latest developments, however, should leave no doubt in our minds. The Trump administration wants a war, and soon. We have a path to stop it, but Congress needs to act! Please write your senators and representative today and ask them to support the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act.

Colonel Wilkerson said it's time for citizens to act in everyway they can. Peace Action & Peace Action Maine is asking its members to Tell Congress to support the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act today!