yemen event

Yemen is a humanitarian disaster.
Peace Action Maine remains focused on what Maine's Congressional Delegation can do to end this crisis.

In the Senate:
After discussion and several votes, the Senate voted 64-41 to pass S.J. Res 54, Here is the statement from Peace Action. This is the roll call.

Today Peace Action Maine thanks Senator Collins and Senator King for their yes vote!
Here is Peace Action's Dec 12 statement on the Senate passing a motion to proceed (60-39) with S.J.Res. 54
Both of Maine's Senators supported an initial vote for SJRes 54(which invokes the War Powers Act to force a vote whether or not the U.S. support the Saudi-led war in Yemen.) Thank them for this support. 

Senator Collins: (202) 224-2523
Senator King:(202) 224-5344

(Thanks also go to Senator King and Collins for supporting debate on Yemen War last spring)

In the House:
The House has just voted to block debate-PA statement- on the Yemen War Dec. 12. 206-203. Rep. Pingree supported debate, Rep. Poliquin voted to keep the Yemen War from debate.
(A similar version, H.Con.Res.138, has now been re-introduced as H.Con.Res.142. You’ll remember that Republican leadership recently deprivileged 138 in a fairly close vote (201-187) on a rule for legislation dealing with wolves. Representative Pingree is a co-sponsor of HConRes142- PAM asks you to thank her for her continued support to end U.S. involvement. Representative Poliquin voted to deprivilege 138, to halt debate about the war.)
Representative Pingree:(202) 225-6116 or e-mail. Thank you for co-sponsoring HConRes 142!
Representative Poliquin:(202) 225-6306 or email