Days before President Trump again joins  Kim Jong-Un for a summit, this time in Vietnam, we held a Vigil for Peace at Monument Square in Portland at 12 Noon on Monday* February 25  #KoreaPeaceNow! . We called it a"Pre-Summit Candlelight Vigil" in homage to the Candlelight Revolution of South Korea.  #PeaceForClimate
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This "is where the new Congress comes in. It should show America‚Äôs commitment to peace by introducing a resolution that formally ends U.S. participation in the Korean War and calls on the president to begin a process toward the signing of a peace agreement." #PeaceForClimate  #ClimateForPeace 

  • Declare an end to the Korean War and start negotiating for a new era of peace.
  • Establish a peace process towards the signing of a peace agreement which includes civil society, especially womens' groups.
  • The negotiating process should be a step for step approach, the only way to have a realistic chance of making progress.
  • US declare permanent end to war game exercises in Korea
  • US accede to civilian opening for rail lines and other civilian contacts between North and South Korea, which those two already agreed to but which the US is blocking to date.
    (many thanks to CFPA, KPN, and PA, OhMyNews:photocredit)