New Report Details Saudi Dependence on U.S. Military Support, U.S. Leverage Over Saudi Conduct

Debunks Myth of Major U.S. Jobs Impact from Saudi Sales

Washington, DC – A new report by the Center for International Policy details the extreme dependence of the Saudi military on U.S. equipment and support, and provides new estimates of the jobs impact of U.S. arms sales to the Saudi regime.

“At a time when the entire U.S.-Saudi relationship is under scrutiny in the wake of the regime’s murder of Jamal Khashoggi, it’s important to remember that the United States has substantial leverage over Saudi behavior. The Saudi military depends on U.S. arms, spare parts and maintenance to carry out its brutal war in Yemen, and could not prosecute that war for long without that support,” notes William D. Hartung, the director of the Center’s Arms and Security Project and the author of the report.