From Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights:    
Dear Friends,
As civilian casualties mount in Gaza, the self-professed "Catholic Zionist" Joe Biden proclaims "Israel's right to defend itself."
Willful blindness to the root causes of the violence and to the human toll are not acceptable!
See video footage of the 
Israeli Raid On Al Aqsa Mosque which provoked the conflict  along with accelerating ethnic cleansing of Palestinian East Jerusalem.
Does Joe Biden not see the human faces of Palestinians?
Palestinians Speak of their deep connection to Islam's third holiest site.
In a sad and familiar cycle, Hamas militants shot a barrage of rockets into Israel (most falling harmlessly) and Israel's ferocious response quickly overwhelmed Gaza's hospitals.
Unlike past assaults on Gaza -- which has been described as "the world's biggest open air prison" due to Israel's inhumane siege -- Democrats across the ideological spectrum are calling on Biden to press for a ceasefire.
Moustafa Bayoumi on the "disgrace of Joe Biden's silence".
Also read 
The Guardian report on Biden's "increasing isolation in his resolute defense of Israel".
And the 
New York Times on Democrats, "growing more skeptical of Israel, pressure Biden".
Let's Increase The Pressure On President Biden!!!
PLEASE contact the White House to support global calls for a ceasefire, and to demand that the US pressure Israel to stop evictions of Palestinians from their homes!
CALL ...  202-456-1111
Thank you for taking action!
Tim, Donna, David, Bob, Larry, Maurine