ImdadBaloch 700x467 1Betsy Mulligan-Dague, director of the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center. “We are not interested in another war in the Middle East, and we hope that our representatives will listen and take actions to make peace instead of war.”
 Can you email your representative in the House today and ask that they vote to stop endless wars?
The House takes up the bloated National Defense Authorization Act this week. Out of the over 600 amendments to the bill, several would reduce spending and set important policy. One amendment we support is the bipartisan effort by Reps. Khanna (D-CA) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL), which prohibits unauthorized military force against Iran. We are asking members of the House to vote for this amendment.  The Khanna-Gaetz Amendment #270-prohibits unauthorized military forace against Iran.

So far, neither of Maine's U.S. Representatives's names are on this amendment.
This is a Call to Action from Peace Action Maine!!
Call your Representative and ask for support for this amendment today!
-Representative Pingree: 774-5019 Portland, 873-5713 Waterville, 202-225-6116 DC Office
-Representative Golden: 249-7400 Bangor, 241-6767 Lewiston, 202-225-6306 DC Office

Or tweet them : @chelliepingree  and @RepGolden today with #NoWarWithIran