Maine Peace Activists: Tell King & Collins: No on Haines!
    As a Maine peace activist, you can send a powerful message to Senators Angus King (I-Maine) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), who BOTH serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee, slated to hold hearings on torture enabler Avril Haines.
     Tell King and Collins to publicly oppose Biden's nomination of drone killer & torture apologist Avril Haines for Director of National Intelligence. Biden must choose someone else!
Top 10 Questions for Avril Haines:

Contact Your Senators
Senator Angus King (I-Maine)
Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)
                                                                                     What’s wrong with Haines?
Haines, Deputy Director of the CIA under Obama, signed off on drone murders and co-wrote the guidelines that blurred the difference between enemy combatants and civilians. She redacted the Senate report on torture from 6,000 pages to a 500-page summary, covering up CIA’s waterboarding. In addition, she overruled the CIA Inspector General in failing to discipline CIA agents who hacked into the computers of Senate investigators. See the script below:
Script (for calling or emailing)
Hi, my name is ____________ and I’m contacting you from zip code ___________ to urge Senator __________ to publicly oppose the nomination of Aril Haines for Director of National Intelligence and to vote NO on her confirmation. Haines signed off on drone strikes that made us less safe, suppressed evidence of CIA torture and failed to discipline agents who hacked into the computers of investigators.
Senator, I urge you to publicly oppose Haines & demand an end to US drone assassinations!
For more info, read "Biden's pick for intelligence chief is tainted by drones and torture" by Medea Benjamin & Marcy Winograd.
In solidarity, Marcy Winograd, member, Peace Action, CA