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JUNE 22 Today in Bath, twenty-two protesters(from across the state) who were blocking buses bringing guests to General Dynamics’ Bath Iron Works shipyard were arrested in Bath and charged with obstructing a public way.
     Nine of those arrested declined bail, asked to be released on their own recognizance, and were denied. They are currently held at the Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset, pending a possible hearing Monday June 24 at the District Court in West Bath: Jim Freeman, Sadie Fulton, Bruce Gagnon, Ken Jones, Natasha Mayers, George Ostensen, Dixie Searway, Mary Beth Sullivan, and Russell Wray.
     Thirteen of those charged were released on bail pending arraignment August 6 at the District Court in West Bath: Ashley Bahlkow, Sophia Bahlkow, Dan Ellis, Ridgeley Fuller, Dud Hendrick, Cynthia Howard, Damon Howard, Connie Jenkins, Richard Lethem, Mark Roman, Lisa Savage, Robert Shetterly, and Will Thomas.
     “We engaged in civil resistance to underscore our conversion demand. BIW should be helping to solve the climate crisis, not building weapons that make the problem worse,” said Mark Roman of Solon, one of those arrested.
The protests today were part of an ongoing Conversion Campaign in Maine. The Maine Natural Guard Press Release provides more details.