The danger of mass starvation in Afghanistan this winter--including one million children under the age of 5--gets worse by the day. In fact, it is likely that far more Afghans will die of starvation this winter than died in the entire 20-year war. The major reason for the famine is a total economic melt-down, caused primarily by U.S. sanctions and the freezing of Afghan assets. This doesn't have to happen. We don't want a failed state in Afghanistan. Causing a famine that displaces so many people is not okay. Destroying the economy makes fertile ground for worse forces than the Taliban.


Representatives Jayapal, Garcia and Jacobs have written a Congressional sign-on letter to Pres. Biden, asking him to take action, specifically to unfreeze $9.4 billion in Afghan assets. THANK YOU Representative Pingree for signing this letter! The more members of Congress who sign, the more likely it is that Pres. Biden will pay attention to it. So, it is critical that constituents contact their representative in Congress and ask that he or she sign the letter. But there is very little time, as Jayapal, Garcia and Jacobs plan to close the letter for signatures soon.
      We ask that you phone Representatives  Golden, now--phone calls are much more powerful than emails. Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for him. Tell the staffer that you want Rep. Golden to sign the letter to Pres. Biden about the famine in Afghanistan that is being circulated by Jayapal, Garcia and Jacobs. Be sure to leave your constituent information.
You might well ask, why wouldn't Pres. Biden do this, without even being asked? The answer is that he and many Democrats fear the political fall-out of appearing to assist the Taliban more than they fear the deaths of a million babies. With enough political pressure, perhaps they will come to fear the political fall-out of causing a famine by destroying Afghanistan's economy. The World Food Program's country director for Afghanistan said recently, "We need to separate the politics from the humanitarian imperative. The millions of women, of children, of men in the current crisis in Afghanistan are innocent people who are being condemned to a winter of absolute desperation and potentially death."
Please call Congress now, at 202-224-3121. Your call will make a difference. In solidarity,