Mission Statement:
Promote a broad understanding of security based on nonviolent conflict resolution, social justice, sustainable environmental policy, and conversion from a military to a peacetime economy.

The Peace Fund was established by Peace Action Maine (known at the time as the Maine Freeze Campaign) in 1984 as an affiliated 501(c)(3) organization that supports Peace Action’s goals and activities.

Tax-Exempt Status:
As Peace Action’s tax-exempt affiliate, the Peace Fund can receive contributions that are tax deductible for the donor and can receive grants from foundations or other organizations to help support its work. The Peace Fund represents the interests of Peace Action with MaineShare, a “social action fund” whose mission is to provide significant support to organizations doing progressive social justice and root cause work in Maine that is now offered as a payroll giving choice at over 150 workplaces throughout the state. Donations to the Maine Peace Fund and through MaineShare support Peace Action’s work through direct grants, and various activities in keeping with the shared mission of both Peace Action Maine and the Maine Peace Fund.
As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Peace Fund has also served as the financial “home” for smaller organizations whose mission and work are congruent with our goals, by accepting donations and grants on their behalf. The Peace Fund does not make grants to these organizations, but passes the funds it receives directly to them.

The Maine Peace Fund designates its address to be PO Box 3824 Portland, Maine 04104. Tax Exempt Donations in any amount currently may be be sent by check  to "Maine Peace Fund", PO Box 3842 Portland, Maine 04104
On-line giving portal is here.