About Peace Action Maine

Peace Action Maine, established in 1982, is a volunteer-led organization and the state affiliate of Peace Action.
       With more than 25+ years of grassroots mobilizing to end war and occupation and to abolish nuclear weapons, we are an organization committed to non-violent conflict resolution and supporting community action for justice, a center of information for all who stand for peace.
        In this time of an increasing military budget and decreasing expenditures for human needs, we strive to address the connection between corporate globalization and militarism, to promote global security, working for a peace economy, social justice and sustainable environmental policy.

Peace Action Maine Mission Statement:

Peace Action Maine is a voice for education and a center for all people committed to disarmament and creative responses to conflict.

2016 Peace Action Maine Board of Directors

Joe deRivera
Tina Malcolmson, Treasurer
Stephen Oliver
Kitsy Winthrop
Selma Sternlieb
Devon Grayson-Wallace
Martha Spiess

Contact us at:


(207) 772-0680

PO Box 3842

Portland, ME 04104

Don’t be afraid to speak – Be afraid what will happen to the whole truth if you don’t.
— Sister Joan Chittister
Despair is a luxury beyond my means.
— Father Daniel Berrigan