Peace Action Maine's Mission:
We are a voice of education and a center for people committed to disarmament and creative responses to conflict.

Peace Action Maine's Mission:
We are a voice of education and a center for people committed to disarmament and creative responses to conflict.


Maine Advocacy Team

Relationships Create Change

The Maine Advocacy Team is a group of neighbors whose nonpartisan work seeks a federal budget that reflects our moral values. We invite you to join our team with as much energy as you feel comfortable sharing. We can provide training for our legislative visits, media campaign and outreach. 

People greet each other with a handshake in the Netherlands, especially in a formal environment.

We believe we must begin shifting funds from Pentagon waste to the support of diplomacy, training in foreign languages and cultures, people to people exchanges, developmental assistance, human rights, and the prevention of genocide and atrocities.  

We regularly speak with the staff of our senators and representatives, present them with petitions, and work with over a dozen lobbyists in Washington.  We write opinion pieces and letters to the editors of Maine papers.                                  

Would you like to be part of a grassroots effort with over 90 groups in 38 other states? Might you want to help us work to:

  • Prevent genocide and atrocities?
  • Control nuclear weapons?
  • Get the federal budget to spend more on the environment and less on the military?
  • Encourage congress to reassert its authority to make wars?


We need Mainers who are willing to:

  • Communicate with our lobbyists in Washington
  • Visit Congressional Offices in state or in DC
  • Call our Senators and Speak with our local representatives
  • Read Maine papers and tell us about relevant articles
  • Write letters to the editors of Maine papers
  • Contribute money for informational flyers
  • Staff tables with information about how our tax dollars are spent

If you might like to help us with any of these essential tasks to the extent that works for you and on the issues you are passionate about or would like to find out more please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

We have ongoing relationships with our Maine legislators and have access to training and current information from the Hill through the Friends Committee of National Legislation. We believe that changing hearts can change policy.


Pentagon Budget-Move the Money Campaign.  Maine Peace Action supports the national Move the Money Campaign managed by Peace Action. The effort serves as a platform for average people to voice their opinions and demands regarding military spending. Communities utilize public forums, education, public demonstrations, local resolutions and petitions as tools to influence decisions made by our elected officials. Can you participate in our Campaign for 2019?


Since our founding as the Maine Freeze Campaign in 1982, Peace Action Maine has worked for a world free of nuclear weapons. This year our membership has voted to concentrate on a Nuclear Disarmament Campaign. We will be guided by several of our coalition partners and hope that you can participate in designing our blueprint for our Nuclear Disarmament Campaign and by participating and sharing our events. 

ChaiChatUSM 1IMG 6551 NuclearBanTeamTOM
On March 14, Peace Action Maine invited guest speaker Lydia Wood (Campaign Coordinator of NuclearBan.US) visited the Portland Media Center for an interview with PAM member Grace Braley. The team then traveled to USM Gorham Campus, Student Diversity Center Chai Chat for her talk: "The Nuclear Ban Treaty: How Civil Society is Succeeding in Banning the Bomb". We will share both programs as soon as they become available.

-Impacts on Maine: Nuclear Energy is not clean and it is not green
   Nuclear Waste storage in Maine Times Record
-PAM integrates its Nuclear Abolition Campaign with the Pentagon Budget Campaign by also understanding that cutting "nuclear weapons budgets and investments, and reinvesting them in climate protection, peace and key areas of a sustainable economy, such as education, renewable energy, health, job creation and sustainable development results in a healthier Maine and planet." See Move the Nuclear Weapons Money
-"As we are learning post-Fukushima, when climate change occures and vulnerability spectrums shift, nuclear sites and the life forms surrounding them are at increased risk." Eve Andrée Laramée, WEAD magazine # 5 "The only ethically responsible action is to dismantle this nuclear weapons/nuclear power military/industrial complex, and work together to responsibly contain and secure radioactive materials, agreeing upon their final resting place. We have an obligation to the future. "

nuclear bomb mushroom

       - #nuclearBan- history and update

Healthy Planet : Climate Justice

How and why a Peace Action Affiliate can endorse the Green New Deal !
Professor Crawford's paper: U.S. military’s significant contribution to climate change has received little attention... it remains the world’s single    largest consumer of oil – and as a result, one of the world’s top greenhouse gas emitters.
NuclearBan.US: new report-Pay for the GreenNewDeal by transferring the $ from Nuclear Weapons.

Notes: Military Industrial Complex_ Military Carbon Footprint. Nuclear Energy is Not Clean & Not Green

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Living on Earth Greening of the Military Program

Gar Smith: War and the Environmental Reader



As an affiliate of Peace Action, Peace Action Maine supports the Korea Peace Network- a US-based alliance of concerned civil society groups and individuals working on Korea issues. We support WomenCrossDMZ and advocate for peace on the peninsula. #KoreaPeaceNowDSC00753 layersPortlandKoreaPeaceNow Web



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National Peace Action has developed an analysis of the leading Democratic contenders’ records on peace issues. These profiles are part of our Peace Voter campaign. Through Peace Voter, we work to educate candidates and voters on foreign policy issues, help shape the debate on our issues, and support pro-peace candidates so that they can win at the ballot box.