Peace Action Maine's Mission:
We are a voice of education and a center for people committed to disarmament and creative responses to conflict.

Peace Action Maine's Mission:
We are a voice of education and a center for people committed to disarmament and creative responses to conflict.

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Call  Congress from Congress Square Park! 
Feb. 14.: #LoveToAfghanistan, #UnfreezeAfghanFunds, #EndAfghanSanctions
Vigils are happening across the US.
      When the United States military pulled out of Afghanistan, the Biden administration responded by choking off assets to Afghan banks and economy by freezing the reserves of the Afghan Central Bank held in the U.S, by imposing sanctions on those doing business with Afghanistan, and by cutting aid. Jobs and income disappeared, people could not afford to buy food and mass starvation is now imminent. (Depreciation of Afghan $ and inflation are worsening.)
     With that background, Peace Action Maine will hold a Valentine's Day Vigil to End Afghan Famine at Congress Square Park  in Portland from 12:00-12:30 PM on Monday, February 14.  The vigil calls for increased aid to Afghanistan, to lift sanctions and  unfreeze assets that humanitarian groups say are driving the crisis.  A limited number of posters will be available to attendees.
      Several peace organizations, including Peace Action, Code Pink, World Beyond War, and Afghans for a Better Tomorrow, have designated this as a national day of action on Afghanistan: “Love to Afghanistan,” "Biden's time to lift sanctions and unfreeze Afghan assets,  stabilize the economy and end the famine.  Don't  turn our backs on mass starvation, caused by the U.S!We mobilize to change these harmful policies with  actions: (to be shared during Vigil and here soon!)
On Feb 3, Rep. Pingree voted Yea to an amendment(PA strongly supported) about Afghanistan and the US asset freezes driving the humanitarian crisis. Rep. Golden voted Nay.
On Monday February 14th @ 7: How U.S. Sanctions Starve Afghans--and How Can We Move From a Place of Love to End this Continuing War, with Phyllis Bennis and Kathy Kelly. REGISTER HERE.

Upcoming Events and Recent Events

Poor People's Campaign: Militarism and Ecological Devastation

May 07, 2022
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This is the code for the bus to ride for FREE. Here it is: PPC100ME (expires Mon. May23)(Includes hotel overnight on the way down, no overnight on the way back) Links:Poor People’s Campaign National Website Maine Poor People’s Campaign Facebook page…

Peace in Ukraine: International Day of Action: May 7

May 06, 2022
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"Consider President Biden’s proposed $33 billion in additional aid to Ukraine. Twenty billionof it is for weapons, eight billion for humanitarian relief, and five billion for economic recovery.The proportions in the package speak volumes"**. This Saturday, May 7, Peace Action Maine joins the International Day of Action-…

Maine TaxDay/EarthDay Pop-Up Art Exhibit

Apr 15, 2022
April 18 Monday, Pop-Up Art Exhibit TaxDay/Earth Day! Street Art Pop-Up Art Exhibit. #TaxDayEarthDay 2022, #GDAMS2022Congress Sq. Park, Portland, MaineShare on Tweet and with your friends.Share your music. Poems. #Resist War Industry, #People Over Pentagon! Join the War Industry Resisters Network, look for more events near…

#PeaceInUkraine Global Day of Action March 6

Mar 25, 2022
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Maine: #PeaceInUkraine #StopWar! We were there in Portland at NOON, Congress Square Park, Sunday March 6FMI: https://www.peaceinukraine.orgThe link to some of the signs and messaging: of the participants stayed around for the group video: Here is…

Ukraine: Peace Matters!

Mar 24, 2022
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Rally: Congress Square Park. Video of poem and statement shared with us today. Sunday April 3, 12:00-1:00.In response to President Zelenskyy's call today: “Make yourself visible and heard...Say that people matter, freedom matters. Peace matters. Ukraine matters. " A big "thank you" to all of you who joined us. Photos from…

Energy, dependence, war and peace

Mar 17, 2022
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March 25, Friday, Noon -1pm. Energy, dependence, war and peace.Join our zoominar with Paul Kando*. If you subscribe to the Lincoln County News, you'll be familiar with his column: Energy Matters, recently making the connection between energy policy, climate change, and the prospects for war. Born in Hungary, he discussed a…

Cuba Myth-Busting: An on-the-ground report from Havana

Mar 15, 2022
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Rescheduled!! Cuba Myth-Busting: An On-the-Ground Report from HavanaZoom with Conner Gorry, introduction by Cynthia Howard* (recently returned)Unforseen events have caused us to reschedule this event.Thank you for your understanding and we wil post any new date as schedules permit.Beginning a discussion: - There are no…

Maine Family helping to evacuate Ukrainians

Mar 11, 2022
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Zoom with Brian Milakovsky, a FaceBook friend, who was posting from Volnovakha, eastern Ukraine.He is from Somerville Maine, attended Cony High School, and studied Forestry at the University of Maine.Our 1/2 hour zoom with Brian(in Croatia) and his father(in Maine) took place on SUNDAY 2 PM March 13.The program began with…

The Military Industrial Complex and our Culture

Feb 20, 2022
The Military Industrial Complex and our Culture
Tuesday, February 22 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm ESTRegister HERE.Our affiliate MA Peace Action invites our members toa program with David Swanson, Marcy Winograd, andChris Velazquez. (see PAM's Maine And the Military Industrial Complexwith Christian Sorensen HERE)There is an overlapping event at 8:30 "How to Respond to War…

No War With Russia Over Ukraine_Feb 5_Day of Action

Feb 03, 2022
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Feb. 5 Call To Action: No War With Russia Over Ukraine Join Maine Natural Guard's call and a coalition of Maine peace groups on February 5th for a Peace with Russia Day of Action! Join us as we call for diplomacy, dialogue and peace with Russia over Ukraine!When: Saturday, Feb 5, 3-4 pmWhere: Topsham, busy intersection Hwy…

“Love to Afghanistan” Valentine’s Day Vigil in Maine

Jan 30, 2022
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Call Congress from Congress Square Park! Feb. 14.: #LoveToAfghanistan, #UnfreezeAfghanFunds, #EndAfghanSanctionsVigils are happening across the US. When the United States military pulled out of Afghanistan, the Biden administration responded by choking off assets to Afghan banks and economy by freezing the reserves of…

No War on Ukraine! Portland, Maine

Jan 27, 2022
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Maine Natural Guard's FaceBook Event posted HERE.Adding to the picket of Women in Black, Friday, Jan. 28, 5:00-5:30, this event extends until 6:00."Join others concerned about the escalation to a possible nuclear confrontation between U.S.-NATO and Russia in Ukraine. Bring signs to show your opposition to militarization of…

Gensuikyo Celebrates TPMW with Peace Action Maine

Jan 22, 2022
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On the very morning of Jan. 22 (the 1st anniversary of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons's Entry-Into-Force) Peace Action Maine received an Air Mail parcel from the The Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs. This is the first panel from that parcel:

War and the Environment: Online Course

Jan 17, 2022
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Did you know the Pentagon is the largest lnstitutional consumer of fossil fuels in the world and a key contributor to climate change? Or that Its emissions are deliberately excluded from climate negotiations? This course has been offered by World Beyond War for several years. Peace Action Maine will pay for your…

Close Guantanamo: 20 years in Solidarity

Jan 15, 2022
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Jan. 11 Maine Pax Christi call to close Guantanamo! (20 years) Weather predicted to be frigid. We plan to take lots of photos and record the event to share with those who cannot attend.Masks. Social distancing. Be prepared for icing conditions, ice creepers maybe be needed. Download full resolution flier HERE. Leaflet…