Peace Action Maine's Mission:
We are a voice of education and a center for people committed to disarmament and creative responses to conflict.

Peace Action Maine's Mission:
We are a voice of education and a center for people committed to disarmament and creative responses to conflict.

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This was our* commemorative event.  Saturday August 8, Payson Park.  Denny Dreher of Pax Christi Maine begins the program with a reading of the poem "Water."
"We are part of a group of organizations and individuals working together:
--to mark the anniversaries of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the Trinity nuclear test.
--to highlight the voices of those affected by nuclear weapons: the hibakusha, downwind communities, nuclear workers, uranium workers, military personnel, and their families who were exposed to harmful and sometimes deadly levels of ionizing radiation and other toxins.
--to press our leaders to take the actions necessary to ensure nuclear weapons are never used again
--to negotiate in good faith the global elimination of these most devastating weapons of mass destruction."
"Survivors, cities, and front-line communities persevere, embody and practice resilience, and fight for a safer, livable, and just world through their resistance. At the same time, the weapons remain as well and continue to threaten our global community."
Our event featured a self-guided tour of commemorative photo panels memorial of the atomic bombings; and included distribution of paper cranes and requests for petition signatures and calls to legislators. What we ask of you
1) Call Representatives Pingree and Golden at 202- 223-3121. Ask them to co-sponsor DC’s Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s bill mandating US leadership in abolishing nuclear weapons! (HR-2419)  Ask your family and friends in Maine to do the same.
2) Join the Hibakusha in saying “Never again” - Sign their petition call:
3) Learn more about the Nuclear Ban Treaty from ICAN – which won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for its part in the historic UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (‘Nuclear Ban Treaty’) at:      #stillhere, #75years to honor survivors of nuclear weapons use. #2020PeaceWave. #ClimateForPeace #PeaceForClimate  2020 posters of Nuclear Weapon Arsenals.
*Peace Action Maine, Pax Christi Maine, Maine Veterans for Peace, WILPF-Maine, PeaceWorks.   

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Past Events

Africom & Human Rights in Africa

Graphic AFRICOMWebinar1
Did you know that the U.S. military has 29 military bases in 15 countries across Africa? The U.S. military established AFRICOM in 2008, despite the majority of African nations rejecting it. Under a false guise of providing security, the U.S. uses its military force to impose control of African land, resources, and labor to…

NuclearBan Banner Caravan: Milestone for ZERO nukes

Milepost for Earth celebrated Mile Zero
#NuclearBan BANNER CARAVAN launched at Maine's Mile Marker ZERO! The Nuclear Ban Treaty (TPNW) Entry-into-Force is Jan 22, 2021. Peace Action Maine celebrates this treaty as a MILESTONE. Zero nuclear weapons are what the earth needs for global human security!

#NuclearBan MILESTONE Maine Banner Caravan at Milemarker 19

MileMarker19 Carsen 932Website
Maine's #NuclearBan banner's next stop is at MileMarker 19, to recognize Rachel Carson and the National Wildlife Refuge there. Rachel Carson, perhaps the greatest, and certainly the best known, environmentalist of the twentieth century, was deeply opposed to nuclear testing and nuclear war. On July 7, the same date when…

#NuclearBan MILESTONE Maine Banner reaches Portland

Carolyn and Jake celebrate Jan. 22 #nuclearban Entry-into-Force in front of Portland City Hall. Why at this location? Portland is the town that unanimously passed PSR's Back From the Brink Resolution Jan. 23, 2017. 4 years later the UN Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons is here! FMI: #TPNW…

#NuclearBan Maine banner reaches Earth

IMG 3369MailChimpGlobeGlobeB3 copy
Our #NuclearBan banner caravan stopped at 295 Milemarker 17 to honor Earth that resides there and to remember there is no planet "B". In the words of Coretta Scott King, "Let's Make Our Earth a Nuclear-Free Zone."

#YemenCantWait Rally Today at Congress Square Park

1500XWEB1005YemenSmallerCantWaitIMG 3507
RALLY! NOON. Signs! Masks! Distancing! Goggles!> Call 1-833-STOP-WAR to tell members of Congress to stop US participation in the war.> Click Here to Sign the Avaaz PetitionFMI: FOR:-An end to foreign aggression on Yemen-An end to weapons sales to Saudi Arabia & the UAE-An end to the…

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Entry Into Force

Celebrate 5 Jan 22LinkToCallPNG
What a joyful event! View the video of this action HERE. We ask you: use the QR code & ask the President to sign and Senate to ratify the #nuclear ban. Use the QR code to petition yourCongressional Representative!Why will this Treaty work? Because it is based on treaties that successfully control: chemical weapons,…

Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant: Past, Present and Future

MaineYankee 7 WEB NuclearPowerPlantTailGateTalkDSCN6351 copy
A "Tailgate" Talk by Capt. Bill Linnell of the Committee for a Safe Energy Future, held just prior to Superbowl 2021. We heard about his strategy & tactics, what worked, what didn't work. How activists coordinated during the years before the nuclear plant was eventually decommissioned. Here is the link to his talk, edited…

#RealityWinner March 3 Grant Clemency Petition C289645

WinnerReality 2 web
Today is the day that #RealityWinner's mother asks us to write President Biden to please grant clemency to #Reality Winner Petition C289645.Write President Biden, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20500 #FreeRealityWinner

NuclearBan Banner Caravan reaches Nobleboro

NuclearBanWEBBannerCaravanMile28SuzanneHedricks copy
33 years after Suzanne Hedrick traveled with her mock-up Cruise missile across Maine to protest the proposed testing of Tomahawk Cruise missiles in Maine, she celebrates with the #NuclearBan Banner Caravan, recognizing the TPNW Entry-into-Force. (Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons) Because the NuclearBan is a…

Exempting Military Pollution from Climate is Reprehensible!

Stop Excluding Military Pollution from Climate Agreements Petition to John Kerry and the U.S. CongressAs a result of final hour demands made by the United States during negotiations at Kyoto, military carbon emissions are exempted from climate negotiations. But the U.S. military is the largest institutional consumer of…

The Doomsday Machine with Daniel Ellsberg

DoomsdayMachineScreenshot 2021 03 02 The Doomsday Machine with Daniel Ellsberg
Register HERE. This event is hosted by Massachusetts Peace Action and co-sponsored by several PA affiliate groups, Peace Action Maine included! Thursday March 18, 2021. Free and open to the public, register at the link above.

Iraq War 18th Anniversary

iraq war twitter 4
On Saturday, March 20th, and in the surrounding time period, we can join together to shine a light on the country’s endless wars by memorializing the anniversary of the disastrous Iraq war — a war based on lies, a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, and that has cost billions of dollars that could have…

The Iran Nuclear Deal or No Deal?

Grassroots organizations from across the country are joining together to present the most recent developments surrounding the JCPOA and what they may mean for the future of Iran and the rest of the Middle East. For those who care about preventing a future war as well as addressing the humanitarian role the U.S. has in…

#ReSealTheDeal Week of Action

210324 NIAC Week of Action 3 768x432
Nearly two months into the Biden administration, the fate of the Iran deal remains uncertain. Rather than abide by his campaign promise to return the U.S. to the Iran nuclear deal, the Biden team has done nothing to reverse Trump’s failed “maximum pressure” policy that imposed crushing sanctions on a nation of 83 million…

Tax Day Teach In! Join in a virtual mass action...

A Tax Day Like No Other
A Tax Day Like No Other: Teach-in April 15 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Pressing for our budget priorities amid pandemic, economic and climate crises and new Cold Wars As we move into the post-pandemic, Biden era, it’s time to change what we buy with our tax dollars. The pandemic and the resulting economic crisis illuminated…

Spring Renewal Annual Meeting Peace Action Maine

Intondi847IMG 5693
"Peace AND Justice" 2021 Spring Renewal Gathering A talk with Professor Vincent Intondi and Jim Anderson followed by Q& A.Saturday May 22 at 11 AM. Second part of program we will be joined with Lilly Dragnev of Peace Action. Followed by business mtg. Register HERE.